Faye colaço (she/her)

Faye is a personal trainer and massage therapist with 8+ years of experience in the industry.

Her coaching style is compassionate, enabling her to coach people of all ages and experiences to push past limitations.

Recently, she has dialled into helping rock climbers move more smoothly and pre-empt aches and pain. Her aim is to encourage ongoing movement as we age and be able to still climb in our 80’s.

Faye is qualified in Personal Training Level 4 and Health & Exercise Science BSc. (Hons).

Mobility & joint health class

Learn how to feel more connected to your body, self-assess what areas feel ‘tight’ or restricted, and discover how to move up the wall without that creaky, clunky feeling. 

Who’s it for?

Any level – beginner or advanced climbers. Anyone who wants to build climbing longevity and feel good whilst climbing as you age.

  • Improve joint health to climb till you’re 80
  • Release tightness to feel agile and dance up the wall
  • Gain mobility for maximising your climbs