Ticket categories

  • Everything included in the Festival Pass
  • Two days of tuition on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Equipment rental (if needed)
  • The Festival Pass does not include any climbing instruction – this should be booked by independent climbers only.
  • Some courses span both days. If you select one of these courses, you will need to get the 2 Course Days ticket.
  • It is possible to book onto two single-day workshops. Please make sure they are on different days if you do this. For instance, you could book onto beginner self-rescue on day 1 and onto advanced self-rescue on day 2 for progressive learning, or choose to just book onto one of the days.

Tiered pricing

To simplify pricing, all courses and workshops are priced equally. BMC members receive a 10% discount off the Standard rate.

ClimbOut is run by volunteers and funded by a combination of Partner donations and ticket sales. Thanks to the generosity of our Partners, we are able to subsidise ticket prices across all rates.

One of ClimbOut’s core values is Accessibility and we are committed to keeping ticket prices affordable so climbers from all socioeconomic backgrounds can attend. To champion this, we have introduced tiered ticketing and a Pay it forward pricing model (which adds £20 to your booking). Additionally there is the option to add a gift to your booking, where you can select the specific amount you would like to donate. The amounts raised through this will be ring-fenced to improve access to ClimbOut events and activities.

Which rate should I choose?

Please choose the rate that is comfortable for your household and will not hinder your access to basic necessities such as food, housing, or paying your bills.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing your ticket tier:
The average cost of a 2-day learn to lead course is about £230 (without accommodation). ClimbOut is a volunteer-run not-for-profit festival and all ticket sales go directly into the festival programme or towards supporting ClimbOut’s values e.g. offering concession prices, bursaries, and other scholarships.

Below is some guidance to help you decide which ticket tier is right for you.

*Please also consider that income is not the same as wealth. Income is the amount of money you make. Wealth is passed down from generation to generation and usually takes the form of inheritances, land ownership, and/or earning power. We ask that you take into account not only your income but also your wealth when choosing your price point within our sliding scale.

We would like to credit Flash Foxy and Wanderers of Colour for the inspiration for this pricing structure and descriptions.